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7 beauty tips to protect your skin this summer.

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Enjoy the summer instead of worrying about the suntan and skin burn.

Skin care tips for the summer

Summer is here and before we even know the heat and humidity becomes a cause of most of our skincare woes. Be it back acne, sun tan or acne, our skin our skin has the tendency to have multiple skin problems in summer.

Though summer can be damaging to your skin, with few tips you can protect your skin this season. We share with you few tips to protect your skin from tanning this summer, so that you can enjoy summer instead of worrying about the suntan and skin burn.

1. Drink lots of water

During summer your body sweats more. So in order to keep your body hydrated during these days drink as much liquid as possible. Always carry a water bottle with you and keep drinking lots of water throughout the day. You can also opt for fresh juice or lime water.

2. Use sunscreen

To keep your skin protected from the harmful UV rays use a sunscreen lotion or spray generously all over your body. Do not step out in the sun without applying sunscreen. Also make sure that you apply it on your skin 20 minutes prior to stepping out.

3. Protect your lips

You will notice that your lips will become dry very often in summer just like the winters. So make sure that you not only keep your skin moisturized but also apply a nourishing SPF enhanced lip balm on your lips regularly to keep them moisturized.

4. Protect your hands

If you use hand cream to keep your hands soft and supple, opt for one with a broad SPF since our hands tend to get tanned the most during summer. It will not only keep your hands moisturized but will also protect them from sun damage.

5. Use beauty products that contains SPF

Whether you use a moisturizer or compact powder throughout the day, make sure that it contains SPF (Sun protection factor).

6. Wear a hat while traveling

Opt for a wide-brim hat for traveling time to keep the sun rays off from your face. Not only will it keep the sun off from your face and head but it will also be your stylish accessory for your summer outings.

7. Wear sunglasses when you go outdoors

Just like your protect the rest of your body, you need to also keep your eyes protected when you step out in the sun. Always wear sunglasses when you go outdoors. So this is the perfect season to flaunt your glares, shades, reflectors, and aviators!

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